Orlando Florida Real Estate homes, condos, investment properties and all kind of realtor related services are things that I am able to offer you. If you are a buyer or a seller, let me know how can I help you with.

I have been business for most of my adult life and always in some kind of sales or management position.

After working for different concerns and climbing that “ladder”, I went on to develop a successful business of my own which I enjoyed for many years. That lead me to start investing in real estate and my investing conducted me to becoming a Realtor. My attitude has always been of doing and being the best, so in time and, with service in mind, I decided to become a Real Estate Broker.

Now, what might that mean to you? I don´t know about you , but when I get into a transaction I  expect the person working for me to be the best at what he or she does. And I look forward to that person meeting and exceeding my expectations. Isn´t that something you also want?. Someone that knows what is best for you and helps you get it.

With that in mind I always approach my Real Estate career as a top surgeon would. I solve problems and I deliver results when others just can´t or simply won´t. True that I call it like it is! Let me ask this, wouldn´t you rather have the true facts or just fluff and pie in the sky? Let us work together and make our goals and dreams come true.

What do I think qualifies me as the best? Do you think Wonderful artist whether painters, musicians, dancers, actors do it because the have to? I would dare say that the true great ones do it because the enjoy what they do. Money is not an issue for them. People like Tiger Woods make tons of money. My question is, Does he do it for the money? I don´t think he would be as GREAT as he is if he did it just for the money. Does he compromises on his fees? Highly doubt it right? And even though I do not play golf yet, I know from everything I have read on him that he is worth every penny or even more!!

My Real Estate career is for me is a long time goal come to reality. And now I take my career like that Wonderful artist or that GREAT player that we were talking about does.

Is that something that you might want to take advantage of? If you do, I look forward to working with you nowand being of excellent service to you and yours..

Tulio Troche, GRI
T Real Estate Inc
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